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Codeword Puzzles,Cipher Games

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Welcome to the world of Codewords Encrypted Crosswords, Professional word puzzlesThe game of crossword Encrypted (codewords), is a simple and fun riddle game suitable for adults and children.
There is only one rule for solving a Codewords Encrypted Crosswords, in equal number corresponds the same letter.
The codewords are available in three different sizes:
- 9x9 size: 85 encrypted crosswords - Size 11x11: 50 encrypted crosswords - Size 13x13: 50 encrypted crosswords
Every codeword has a different levels of difficulty: in those more simple, at the beginning of each scheme are revealed three letters, while for the more difficult games only a letter (or any) is given.
Other functionality of this game are:
- After each codewords game a famous phrase (aphorism) will be unveiled.- You can at any time check, by a button, the correctness of the words.- The game requires no installation and can be played offline.- Games can be saved and resumed at any time.- No Ads- Download of new puzzles available
The total of the codeword puzzles offered is 185. If you want to play with many other Encrypted crosswords, there is a professional version without advertisements and with the possibility to download new codewords regularly.
Enjoy the game.